None of the Ws.

Posted: April 30, 2010 in Holy Matrimony, Teaching, Writing

LG:  “I can’t seem to fit writing and wife-ing and working into the same day.  How does one do it without one of them going to total crap?”

KD: “Honestly? Something is going to suffer, and that something is usually you.”

I’ve been very selfish lately.  I feel called by God to write, so I’ve been feeling this sense of entitlement, like everything and everyone around me should cater to this.  Obviously, this is wrong; none of the Ws should suffer.




Yes — write.  Lainie, WRITE!  Maybe no one around you understands why, but I do.  I made you to write.  So write.  “Wife-ing?”  You know that I made you to love the mess out of that man in the next room.  You need him, and he needs you.  Don’t go acting like your writing is more important than him; don’t you ever be so arrogant.  You love him like I made you to love him.  Shut your computer and love him.  And working?  Think about the students I gave you; they love you and need you like none of your students before ever did.  You can’t slack on them, either.  So what’s going to suffer?  Not a W, that’s for sure — a Y.

Y O U.  Get over it now and figure out a schedule.  You’re doing all three Ws, and you better do them with all your heart.   No excuses for letting any of them suffer.

What are you waiting for?




An easier answer?  If I’m honest, that’s exactly what I’m waiting for.  An easier answer and more time.  Unfortunately, I don’t think either of those is going to happen, so I guess I need to get my butt in gear!

Ws, here I come.


  1. Amanda says:

    Balancing work, marriage, kid(s), and writing has long been a challenge for me. Even when I was just in school and writing, I struggled against the inclination to live a very unbalanced writing life that was not beneficial to myself or anyone else.

    You’ll find your groove and then something will throw you off again, and you’ll have to find it all over again. Just keep at it! Keep being a good wife to your man, a good teacher to your students, and a good writer for your Jesus. Take it one day at a time.

    • Right now, it’s my sleep that’s suffering. However, the crabbiness that results can then affect the others as well. :/ I just need to be independently wealthy so I can write at my leisure. How do you make that one happen? 🙂

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