Pray for Me

Posted: May 3, 2010 in Prayer Request, Writing
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Remember how I told you how excited I was to start this new blog?  I’m still excited!  I want to tell my story, and I aim to use this blog to do it.  Eventually, I may seek to publish my book, but for now, I’m just piecing it together.  I needed a clean slate and a fresh blog to do it.

I selected two or three people I know in real life, along with two people I know in bloggy life, with whom to share this new blog.  I didn’t tell anyone else, because the last thing I want is for people — especially family — to find this site and know who I really am.  (If you didn’t know, I am using my pen name for this site.)  Anonymity is key to my being able to write honestly.  Honesty is key to my being able to write meaningfully.  Meaningful writing is key to my sanity and to my obedience!

In short, God gave me a story and told me to tell it.  I just have to be discreet.

Now I’m trying to decide if I should tell more people about my new blog.  Have I been too conservative in only sharing with five people?  I need support in this endeavor; I need prayer, and I need honest feedback.  More people would surely be an asset in those regards, but spreading the word could also be a liability.  I need to maintain anonymity.

So, two requests:

  1. Please pray for discernment.  I have a list of several people I am considering confiding in, but I need to make sure I am not simply acting out of pride by wanting more readers.
  2. Please pray for vision and direction, both for this blog and for my overall writing project.  I want the Holy Spirit all over it.

Thank you for coming to my blog and wanting to read my story, and thank you for your prayers.



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