Dear Mother’s Day: I Hate You!

Posted: May 7, 2010 in My Mother
  1. I get why you exist — to sell flowers and such.  Great business idea.
  2. I get why you’re so hugely successful — there are some amazing mothers out there who deserve all the recognition and appreciation possible.  (And the guilt factor involved undoubtedly makes you at least twice as successful as you would have been otherwise.)
  3. I don’t get why we’re all obligated to you.  It’s wrong, and I hate you for it.

Did you know that less-than-stellar moms still expect gifts on this “holiday”?  It’s like they feel entitled when they haven’t necessarily earned such an honor.

It has nothing to do with caring or not caring about one’s mother; it’s that it shouldn’t be someone’s business (literally) to interfere in a personal relationship and attach a certain level of significance and appreciation that could be ill-fitting with the situation and history.  It’s not right, and it kind of irritates me every year.

But, I don’t want to hurt her feelings.  So the flowers are on their way.


  1. tricia says:

    You are a better person than me then. I haven’t acknowledged my mother on Mother’s Day or any other day for years now. I will be praying for you this weekend. Will you return the favor?

    • I would disagree with your first statement. I’m not sure that an obligatory gift is better than no gift at all.

      I will definitely pray for you. I’m going out of town this weekend (in a few minutes, actually — husband’s waiting for me to pack!), but I hope to get to know you better. I’ll be visiting your blog soon. Blessings!

  2. katdish says:

    You should work for Hallmark…

    “Introducing a new line of cards from Lainie Gallagher: Tell us what you really think”

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