In the Bowl, Part One

Posted: June 14, 2010 in My Story, Part Two, The Real Me
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Guns ‘n’ Roses suddenly exploded into the relative silence of the living room.  Startled, Lainie jumped back from the VCR and spun around.  Mara, who had six years and eleven months on Lainie, walked with such purpose and speed that she was nearly through the living room and into the kitchen before the VCR operator had even placed the abrupt blast of noise.

As she blew by, the older sister scoffed at the Little Mermaid, who was about to delight her audience yet again.  In a similar fashion, the younger sister rolled her eyes toward the scoffer’s messy, rock-n-roll abode, and then re-focused her attention on waiting patiently for her tape to finish rewinding.

The two were worlds apart, and neither had much interest in going on holiday to visit the other.  (Truth be told, Lainie actually had every bit as much interest in her older sister as most little girls do; she wanted to be liked and accepted, and she wanted to be as beautiful, as smart, and as cool as Mara.  She had learned the hard way, however, to keep to her own world, because trying to enter a 9th grader’s world is simply futile.  Thus, she feigned disinterest.)

“Are you really going to watch that stupid movie again?  Don’t you already know every word?” Mara ridiculed, between bites on a popsicle.

“It’s not stupid, Mara, so just shut up!” Lainie countered, matching her sister’s condescending tone.  “It’s a good thing I know all the words, anyway, since I can barely hear it over your stupid music!  You’re going to go deaf one of these days, and I won’t even be sorry!”

“Whatever.” The older dismissed the younger, and both returned to the solace of their respective domains.

Just then, the VCR made that subtle change in sound, indicating that it was almost finished rewinding.  Lainie poised her finger to press “Play” once again.

It should be mentioned here that little Lainie Gallagher very desperately wanted to be a mermaid.  Ariel, without a doubt, was the most beautiful Disney girl ever sketched, but that had nothing to do with it; Lainie and Ariel looked absolutely nothing alike, so the former really had no business imagining herself as the latter.

That begs the question; did Disney ever consider a freckled princess?  Now she would be beautiful, indeed!  Shoulder-length brown hair, blue eyes, a great smile, and the name Lainie.  Perfect!

Only Princess Lainie would be a human who wanted to be a mermaid, instead of the other way around, and her mother would have no choice but to move her to the ocean once the metamorphosis took place.  What other option could she possibly have?  Let her daughter’s fins wither and flake like that naked mermaid’s tail in that Tom Hanks movie when she was really sad and swimming in a tank?  No way; that would be gross and cruel.

Lainie’s mother would simply have to take her to the ocean; there were no two ways about it.  It would be a double-bonus, since Lainie had neither seen the ocean, nor been a mermaid.

Yes, back to that.  The first order of business, before moving to the ocean, was actually becoming a mermaid.  Lainie was no fool; she knew that there wouldn’t be any witches or sea-kings at her disposal.  Besides, she’d never make some stupid trade and fall into a trap.  She had definitely learned from Ariel’s mistakes.  On the contrary, Lainie knew of only One who could make her dream come true.

. . .

Stay tuned to hear the rest of the story!  Coming next Monday!


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