Dear Father’s Day, I Hate You!

Posted: June 17, 2010 in The Real Me

Yes, I realize you may have recently read my rant about Mother’s Day.  No, my feelings about Father’s Day are not much different.

Honestly, it’s nice for David’s side of the family.  Choosing cards for his mother and father is easy; there are many things we can sincerely say to them, thanking them for their leadership, love, and generosity.  I don’t mind giving them gifts; in fact, it’s a joy.  I’m sure it’s what Mother’s Day and Father’s Day were meant to be about in the first place.  I do, however, still stand by my statement that it shouldn’t be anyone’s business to force me to declare any kind of sentiment to anyone.  That aside, at least it’s not an annoyance when it comes to my in-laws.  (Yes, I realize I’m amazingly blessed in this area!)

However, it’s hard when it comes to my dad and step-dad.  Do I have anything against them?  Not really.  Can I give either of them a card that talks about how lucky I am to have such a great dad in my life, who likes mowing lawns and putting up with his kooky daughter, and who certainly deserves all kinds of love and affiliated mushiness?  No, because it’s not true.  I cannot honestly say that I love either of them.

So, my Father’s Day card hunt always involves trying to find a card that basically says, “Hey, have a great day!”  There aren’t a lot of Father’s Day cards like that.  Furthermore, I have to find one for my step-dad that doesn’t refer to the recipient as “Dad!”  They do make step-father cards, but they’re often the “thanks for being the dad I never had” type of card.  That’s not applicable, either.


Can’t we make this stop?  If your mother and father are great, and you want to tell them so via cards and gifts, just do it!  Why do we have to have an obligatory day for it?  I HATE YOU, stupid parents’ days!


  1. Duane Scott says:

    Man… I feel your pain.

    Argh! I feel the same way about a few holidays! My advice? Blank cards… Ya, in it you can write exactly what you want.

    Dear Step-dad,

    It’s a blank card because you don’t live up to the expectations Hallmark had of you. Have a good day,


    • Brilliant! Except it would go like this:

      Dear Step-dad,

      It was impossible to find a card that simply said, “Hey, guy who married my mom when I was already an adult, hope you have a great day and that your own kids remember you. Thanks for being nice to my mom,” so here’s your personalized card.

      Created just for you by Lainie. 🙂

      (Duane, are you old enough to remember Create-a-Cards and those giant machines?)

  2. Duane Scott says:

    No, I’m not old enough!

    And I like your response! At least he’s a nice man for your mom!

    • Haha well, in the 90s, they had these big machines put into Eckerd’s Drug stores (haven’t seen those in a while, either), where you could personalize your own cards. It was innovative and fun. It would print your card right in the store for you, and on the back it would say, “Created just for you by _____.”

      Yah. It was cool.

  3. macayla says:

    I wish I didn’t chuckle at things like this, but I do, because in my head I see a little cartoon version of you wearing a bright pink shirt railing at the masses with a ginormous bull horn that’s the size of a sousaphone. It’s really quite comical.

    For the record, I like my parents, and I still don’t care for these stupid holidays. Heck, I’m a mom and I don’t like them. I participate, because everybody else cares. Ain’t I wonderful? 😉

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