Cowboy Wisdom

Posted: June 18, 2010 in Cowboy Wisdom

What you show a child,
she shows the world.

Although I don’t have children living in my house, I know plenty of people who do.  Most of my friends are currently in the family-building process, and I have five nieces and nephews.  I’m around kids all the time because of this, and because I’m also a teacher, both at school and at church.  Despite my own list of incredibly impressive qualifications, I have every confidence that, regardless of your kid status, you know how kids are.

They emulate and mimic and parrot and share and impersonate and tell and show.  Every little thing that you don’t want them to emulate and mimic and parrot…

I could, at this juncture, share funny little stories of things kids say and do that are obviously mere imitations of someone else.  However, we’ve all heard these funny and horrifying stories.  Instead, think about the flip-side!

Like I said, I don’t have kids, but I’m super-duper excited about telling little Allie and little Bennett and little Shiloh all about why God made them and what our job here on Earth is.  (Yes I have named them, yes I plan to have a girl, and then a boy, and then a girl, and no my husband is not stoked about the idea of having three.  He thinks he wants two.)  Back to the point, can you imagine how wonderful it would be to consistently and faithfully disciple your children, and then hear/see them sharing what you’ve poured into their hearts?  A M A Z I N G!


  1. macayla says:

    I always tear up when L busts out with something she’s learned about the Lord from us. She’s learned “Lord, I Lift Your Name on High” (I thought she would like the motions, but she doesn’t), and she will sing it with so much zeal (a vast improvement over “The Wheels on the Bus”). I love hearing her say the blessing at mealtimes no matter where we are or who we are with. I love that one of the very first things she ever said was, “Ga bess oo” (We sneeze a lot in our house). I love that she tells me Jesus will fix things.

    I love that the Lord is faithful to capitalize on what we are doing right so that everything we’re doing wrong isn’t choking out the wonderful, godly seeds we’re planting. I love that He is faithful to help us learn how to do more right than wrong.

    He’s pretty awesome.

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