Pleasantly Disturbed Thursday

Posted: June 24, 2010 in Blog Carnival

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Yeah, so, Cheetos.  I looooove me some Cheetos.  I always buy the combination pack, but then I eat up all the Cheetos first, and then the Sour Cream & Onions, and then I don’t really like anything else that’s in the bag.  Annoying.  But that’s not really why I’m talking about Cheetos.  I’m talking about Cheetos because they keep coming up.  Whether it’s Katdish‘s plural epic fail, or Duane‘s pondering life’s mysteries while eating Cheetos, or one of the girls in this new youth Bible study I’m leading including Cheetos in her “About Me” poem, one thing is certain: everyone loves Cheetos.  That makes sense because Jesus invented them.  It’s just that some of us should learn to spell.

. . .

Oh! and back windshield wipers.  What is the deal?  All of a sudden, I’m seeing all kinds of SUVs and minivans with little, plastic slipcovers over their back windshield wipers.  It looks like the manufacturer’s original packaging — like the owner just never thought to take it off.  But, I’m seeing it so often that it’s driving me nuts!  What am I missing?  Surely your wiper can’t work properly with the little plastic bag over it.  Please explain.  I’ve never had a vehicle with a back windshield wiper, so I’m clueless.  This is really driving me crazy, though.

. . .

Because I work with the youth at my church, I am Facebook friends with a lot of teenagers.  It’s interesting to observe their conversations with each other, and to see some of the interesting lingo passing back and forth.  One word that appears to express excitement is, “Hawr!”  I’m too afraid to ask anyone who’s typing it, but is this a word that’s also used in real life?  Because, if it is, how do you say it?  I tried to say it, and it sounds like I’m saying “whore” with a northern accent.  I am trying to picture a kid, in total teenage excitement over some vampire movie, fist-bumping and saying, “Hawr!”  I can’t see it.  It looks stupid.  So, this is just an online thing?  I don’t get it.  I’m not THAT old, am I?

. . .

YOGA.  Oh. My. Goodness.  I’m going to keep going, to see if I can improve.  But all I have to say is… ouch.  They say it’s not supposed to ouch, but it ouches.

. . .

What’s the deal with people walking/running in the street?  You know, when there’s a sidewalk about two feet from their feet?  MADNESS!  I shouldn’t have to drive on the other side of the road because you can’t figure out that the sideWALK is for YOU, PEDestrian!  Is this an epidemic anywhere else?  Because see, I’m all about survival of the fittest, and I’m afraid I might have to forget to swerve…

. . .

I hate the word–can you rightly call it a word? *shudder* I hate the slang term “hubby.”  It’s dumb and makes no sense.  I equally loathe “hubs.”  Did you know there’s an “s” between the “u” and the “b” in the original word?  Grr.

. . .

Epic battle.  Hornets vs. the Gallagher household.  I suppose we’re losing, because they’re on their fifth new nest.

. . .

Epic battle.  Feline vs. Lainie.  I suppose I’m losing, because I’m bleeding.


  1. Steph says:

    Wow! That was delightfully random. Here are my random reactions:

    Hawr? Is that a typo of Hawt? That maybe got popular in its own right? (Like Dooce’s name; it cam from a typo of Doode)

    Sidewalks? You have sidewalks where you are? Out here in the country we don’t even have SHOULDERS. It’s either run/walk/cycle in the road or in the hip-high grass on the side of the road (along with the chiggers, snakes, ticks, and ruts.

    You don’t like “hubby”, huh? Then I bet you wouldn’t like “hubbly” (what I call my beloved).

    Oh, and I have no idea about the wiper baggies.

    • EXCELLENT idea on the typo thing. Perhaps… the same thing happened with pwn. Stupid.

      We don’t have sidewalks everywhere, but most city streets do, as well as many neighborhoods. If there’s a sidewalk, USE IT! Grrr.

      I don’t know; I just have this thing about “hubby.” I guess it’s because the “s” is completely removed — it seems nonsensical to me. (I call mine “husby.”)

  2. Helen says:

    I like the word Hubs. I do think that “Hubby” sounds too intimate in public. Can we still be friends?

    I don’t know where you live, but in Chicago in the winter, the street is often the safest place to walk if you don’t want to slip on the ice and break a bone. So yes, for a few months out of the year, I am one of those annoying people in the street. Can we still be friends?

    I, too, love Cheetos, and will try to learn to spell them correctly. Will that cover my multitude of crimes against humanity? 🙂 BTW, I also like emoticons. A lot. I hope that isn’t a deal breaker!

    • We can still be friends, but I will chastise you every time you use the word around me. Not a threat… a promise. 🙂

      I am in the Republic of Texas. Deep in the heart. No ice woes, so no excuses! Yes, we can be friends as long as you promise to use the sidewalks if you come down here.

      Cheetos are marvelous, and I like emoticons as well. 🙂

  3. katdish says:

    You crack me up. You’re so…you.

  4. Duane Scott says:

    You are SO good at this! 🙂

    I love it. Thanks for including cheetos. “C.H.E.E.T.O.S.” <<<—- That was for Katdish.

    Now I'm really confused by the windshield wipers too! I'm going to town today. I'll take note. I'm also going to ask a couple of the owners.

    Peace out,


    Duane Scott

    P.S. This was really great Lainie! I hope you join me every Thursday! 🙂

    • How could I NOT include Cheetos? Katdish was so brazen about her crimes against grammar; it couldn’t be overlooked.

      Any insights on the windshield wipers?


      P.S. Thanks so much — I probably will. This is the easiest kind of post in the world! 😀

  5. HAWR in the military stands for Helicopter Attack Warning Radar…but that’s probably not what teens mean…thanks for making me laugh today!


  6. macayla says:

    1. Cheetos are amazing. I concur.

    2. Hawr sounds like something an Orc would say, but you would only know that if you would read Tolkien.

    3. Hubby is a stupid slang term, as is hubs. I call my husband, “husband.” I also hate the slang terms “preggo” and “preggers.” I was pregnant, not a misspelled pasta sauce.

    4. The hornets will just keep coming back. They’re the barn swallows of the insect world.

  7. HisFireFly says:

    My back wiper has no baggie, no dress, no raincoat.. just a wiper that works, eventhough it doesn’t cover enough of the window.

    Amen to disliking “hubs”. I don’t like “hubby” either, although I do like my husband to call me “wifey”. Go figure.

  8. Oh, dear. I’ve said “hubby.” Now I can’t say it any more. I will revert now to DH. Is that okay?

    I see you saw my Cheetos vid–er video.

  9. Yogasavy says:

    Guilty of using the word hubby! Yoga does ouch if you have getting back into it after a long time.
    As for the teenage lingo am still trying to figure it out

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