Pleasantly Disturbed Thursdays

Posted: July 15, 2010 in Blog Carnival

Duane Scott's Infamous Blog Carnival!

I’m a fan of two spaces after a period.  Call me old school.   I just think it makes typed texts much, much easier to read.  Perhaps this is because I learned to type on an actual typewriter.  No matter; it applies to the computer as well.  It just looks nicer!

. . .

My cat keeps pooping on the floor.  He’s 8.  This is a recent development.  It is not a good one.  No, nothing scary happened near his box; he still pees in it.  No, his litter box is not dirty; I clean it all the time.  Yes, his life is in danger.

. . .

Not really.  I wouldn’t kill him.  But I sure want to sometimes.  GROSS!

. . .

Oh! Have you ever been to Which Wich?  Yum-o.  They only charge $1 to add avocado, while Chipotle charges an exorbitant $2.99 for their guacamole!  Okay, I get that one’s a sandwich place and one’s a burrito place, and that one’s plain avocado and one’s guacamole.  SO WHAT?  I still make an excellent point.

. . .

And did you know that Katdish drove THROUGH my town, not ten minutes away from my little apartment, and didn’t come see me?!  She totally knew, too.  She even posted a picture showing me where she was.  SO. SAD.

. . .

Oh, and did you know that Duane Scott shaves his legs?  According to Wendy

. . .

So… Do you have a cricket problem where you are?  We have a cricket problem.  They are EVERYWHERE.  Parking lots are covered with them.  Frankly, I’m disgusted.  I feel like we’re getting a tiny taste of what the plague of locusts was like.  Blech.

. . .

My fingers are peeling.  I think maybe I got Tilex on them or something?  It’s gross, and I feel like I’m slowly disintegrating…

. . .


. . .


  1. Duane Scott says:

    Ha! Wendy found skintimate shaving cream when She was pawing through my dumpster.

    She only assumes.

    Great post!

  2. ~Brenda says:

    Ok, so you talk of poop, crickets, killing kitties, and men shaving their legs … and you say MY post about cutting off chickens heads is gross??? Someone needs to practice what they preach. Hahahaha!!!

    Now I have to wonder if Duane seriously shaves his legs.

    • Okay, our posts would be on the same level if I ACTUALLY killed the cat, and then laughed while he was dying. Then you could talk.

      • ~Brenda says:

        Well the difference is of course that kittie’s are cute. Chickens are not. They’re yucky creatures that somehow end up on our plates.

        The chickens are dead when their heads are cut off. It’s like when humans twitch after they’re dead. They’re still dead. But moving. So we didn’t technically laugh until AFTER they were dead.

        Just sayin’ …

  3. macayla says:

    Wait until the crickets start dying ing droves and the foul stench of death permeates the air. That is when you will be unpleasantly disturbed.

    During the Cricket Plague of ’97, I was cheering our very sad football team when they scored, and a cricket flew into my mouth and hopped on my tongue.

    I almost died.

    • Ack! Gross! I almost died last night when one landed on my leg — I think a kid threw it — and then again when one almost tried to sneak home in my purse. Ugh gag gag vomit. Yours is infinitely worse!

  4. Thanks for the chuckles!

  5. jasonS says:

    I do the two spaces too in writing posts and things. But I don’t do it in text messages or twitter (since it counts as one of your 140). Once you said it though, all I could see were the spaces and they seemed so big. 🙂 Me = disturbed (and OCD).

    • I agree completely. I actually do try to do the two spaces no matter what, but I will go back and delete one if I’m running out of characters. And you’re right; when you look for them, the spaces seem huge. But when you’re not looking for them, all you notice is a pleasant reading experience. 😀

      • I just noticed something… I think WP deletes the second space in comments. Bummer. Facebook does the same thing. Shouldn’t I have the CHOICE to double-space or not? What happened to freedom? What is happening to America?! She’s headed down the toilet, that’s what. Today, they delete an extra space; tomorrow, they delete a sentence they don’t agree with. I’m going to start picketing for freedom of the press!

      • Helen says:

        Completely agree with you about spacing.

  6. HisFireFly says:

    I’ll trade your crickets for our mosquitos. Will put up with the noise for the sake of less maddening itching!

    • Oh, it’s not the noise… it’s being surrounded by the nasty things whenever you go outside, and having them jump on you, and into your purse… EW!

      (And we’ve got lots of mosquitoes, too!)

  7. Wendy says:

    I think the people who are saying you don’t need to have two spaces after a period are the same people who are saying that Pluto isn’t a planet anymore. What’s next? You don’t have to wait 1 hour after eating to go swimming?! It’s madness!

  8. Linda Yezak says:

    Lainie, I can so relate to numbers 1 and 2. It took forever to get used to the single space after a period, but I did it. What I can’t get used to is poop outta the box. Funny thing is, Belle tries to make it to her litter box when she has to toss up a fur ball. Bless her little feline heart. She ain’t all bad!

    • Do you have any solutions to the poop problem? I’m starting to really lose it!

      • Linda Yezak says:

        I have three cats, all female, and the only time I don’t have poop problems is when I’ve set out two litter boxes so we can be gone a few days. I think it’s Cuddlebug who misses the box. It could be her eyesight is going bad and she’s uncomfortable with the shadows. Their box is squeezed in between a couple of large things, and when I put out a second one–placed a little more out in the open–Bug is the first to “claim” it.

        • Well, I just set out a second box after reading that many cats like to have one box for peeing and one for pooping. (Although, he was never this picky before.) I put the second one where he’s been pooping, but now the punk has abandoned his first box altogether, started peeing in the new one, and pooping next to it. Madness!

          • Linda Yezak says:

            Okay, that would just make me nuts! My old Tom would poop in the bathtub when he was mad at us, but otherwise he knew where he was supposed to do his business.

            I was always thankful that if he was going to have a temper tantrum anyway, he had it in a place that was easy to clean! 😀

            I wonder, is your cat aware of where his little fuzzy butt is hanging when he’s gotta do the doo?

  9. Lainie, my most disturbing experience with restaurant guacamole was when I asked them to put guacamole on the side only if it was made fresh. My definition of “made fresh” means you started with a real avocado on the premises. Their definition was something which came out of a package, that was opened the same day, however long since it resembled an avocado. Eewww.

    Right now I’m wondering what guacamole on cheetos might taste like …

  10. katdish says:

    You don’t understand. I had 2 grumpy kids and a dog with me. I’ll come see you without them. And I only recently discovered that it’s no longer required to leave 2 spaces after a period. It took me awhile to get used to it, but now I don’t even think about it.

  11. Solution to kitty doo: Get a dog. Rose Dog used to eat out of the litter box.

    And I’ll trade you earwigs for crickets.

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