Pleasantly Disturbed Thursdays

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Blog Carnival

PSA: V-necks on guys are NOT okay.  They just look girly, and the chest hairs sticking out the top look grody.  Stop wearing them. No matter how hot you or anyone else thinks you are normally; v-necks do NOT look okay on you.

Leaving the cursor in the middle of a video, which inevitably will end up pointing to weird things throughout the show, is ANNOYING!  Move your mouse out the way!

The word “savvy” in certain fonts ends up looking like sawy and confusing me.  It’s like you’re a little kid (or the priest in Princess Bride) apologizing.

If you post something on Facebook, such as a status update, link, or video, don’t then “Like” your own post.  That’s weird.

“Dermatologist Tested” is quite the ambiguous statement.  Well, you didn’t actually tell us what they thought once they got the test results… Did they conclude that your product causes peely hands and feet? But you sell it anyway with your shifty label?  UGH I can’t figure out what I’m allergic to!

I said shiFty. Relax.

I would like some cowboy boots. Recommendations?

  1. macayla says:

    Ariat. They feel the most like tennis shoes on your feet. I tried on a dozen different brands and styles, and they offered the best support. They are not cheap (they will be almost $200 on sale), but they will last forever and they come in great styles.

    • Um, the husband doesn’t like that particular price tag. :\

      But I really want to have comfy cowboy boots; I’ve never worn any before!

      • macayla says:

        Unless you are going to buy your boots down at the Wal-Mart, they will cost you will over $100 to get a good, comfy pair.

        You must simply remind your beloved husband of a few important points:

        1. You are not going to engage in any activities such as barrel racing that will wear out your boots. Unless you do get that wild hair when you put them on, and if that occurs, I will be your assistant and we will travel the rodeo circuit together. Your hair would look so pretty beneath a cowboy hat as you raced your horse down the arena to circle those barrels. And L could train to be a rodeo clown, and C would be great at mutton busting. We could have a whole life together, you with your boots, and me with mine, and our husbands would see us on occasion and be so proud of our accomplishments. Well, your accomplishments. I would just be your assistant, so I would be living vicariously through you. But, remember, the point is to keep your boots in good condition, so we cannot run away to the rodeo together with my rascally children. Thank You, Jesus, that she wants to keep the boots in good condition. I know nothing about being a rodeo assistant.

        2. I am assuming that you will live for another 50 years and then drop dead on September 17, 2060. If you purchase your boots today, then that will cost your husband one penny a day until your expected death to pay for your boots. Surely he has one penny a day to give toward your most beloved boots.

        3. You are a Native Texan.

  2. Robin Arnold says:

    I have a Facebookie who shall remain nameless who not only likes his own status, he makes his own comments!

  3. Duane Scott says:

    I own a V-neck. I do. And yes… I wear it… Under a button up shirt. And I don’t have chest hair sticking out. That makes me nauseous. TMI?

    I AGREE with you about the cursor and especially the “like” button. I sometimes wonder why people spend all that time “liking” things. But hey,,, it’s their life.

    Enjoyed this post!

  4. jasonS says:

    So many excellent tips here. I have accidentally “liked” my status update on Facebook before, then I have to quickly unlike it and hope no one notices. 🙂

    So are you saying all v-necks are bad or just the deep v-necks. I have some v-neck undershirts, but there’s not low enough for any chest hair spillage (not that have much to begin with–and there was the overshare). On that note, see you later!

  5. HisFireFly says:

    Tested but no results provided.. why did we never notice that before? How gullible are we anyway?

    Great addition to the disturbedness today!

  6. Wendy says:

    Maybe the products are tested ON dermatologists. Save the bunnies!

  7. Tony Alicea says:

    This made my Thursday. Awesome list. Plus you win points for using “grody”. I haven’t heard that in forever! 🙂

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