Pleasantly Disturbed Thursdays

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Blog Carnival

(My first two points are kind of bossy. Deal with it.)

Here is a slash:  /
Here is a backslash:  \
Please memorize this and stop calling it the wrong thing.  Most slashes (like in web addresses) are REGULAR SLASHES.  If you insist on continuing to say “backslash,” I will type exactly what you say and look at you, puzzled, wondering why the website isn’t working…

STOP telling young married couples they “need” babies!  It’s completely awkward. You do not know what their plans might be, or what their current situation may be. Even if you do, how do you think such a comment could possibly be helpful or appropriate? At the very least, you’re being annoying and overstepping your bounds on a private matter. At the most, you are being hurtful and insensitive and putting the hearers in a very uncomfortable position. They will have a baby when Jesus decides they will have a baby. With all due respect, shut it!

I recently heard an argument on a radio station about reading actual books with pages vs. reading books on some sort of electronic device, such as a Kindle or iPad. One argument given by the “book” side was that when she wanted to curl up with a hot chocolate and a book, she wanted to actually have a book, not some piece of technology. To which my reply would have been, “Isn’t the codex a piece of technology as well? Even if it were a scroll, or a stone tablet, there was always something that came before…”  I know: not helpful to the argument, but that was a dumb reason.

Incidentally, I’m pro-bookwithpagesmadeofpaper.

Freckles? I’m for ’em.

Oooo! I have a completely unrelated idea. Let’s brainstorm what types of cars are actually meant for the “compact car” spaces! I’ll start: Mazda Miata…

  1. Helen says:

    I can’t have kids. I didn’t KNOW until I was married for several years, but I gave h-e- double hockey stick to anyone who told me I should start having a family already! I wanted babies right away (I was 26) and so did my husband. I consider it my mission, my duty, my VOCATION to put people who pester the childless in their place! If you want any help, you know my email address. Seriously. Support me in my VOCATION!

    I like books made with paper, too. If I was in college now, I’d like to be able to have all my books on a kindle or nook and not have to carry a heavy bag. My school books could be on hand to read whenever I find myself unexpectedly waiting. But I am comfortable with pages, and when I am reading for pleasure, I can’t imagine I’d have the same pleasure looking at a screen.

    I have freckles.

    My green rusty tin can on four wheels is just slightly too large to be a compact car.

  2. ds says:

    Hyundai Accent. Stupid little car.

    Um,,, Okay.. I’m with you on the young couples and kids thing. That’s RUDE! I’m already getting it and I’m not even married. I immediately unfollow those people or stop talking to them.

  3. macayla says:

    You need some sort of weapon with which to slash their backs. Figuratively, of course.

    Just tell the rude people that you’re having fun practicing and that when you’re ready to take the goalie out of the net, you’ll be sure to call them straightaway so they can pray for a goal.

    I never want any electronic device to replace books in my life. I feel physically ill when I think about replacing books with some contraption from Star Trek. No. No. No. No.

    L got 2 freckles on her cheek about a month ago. They are her “Jesus kisses.” Freckles are beautiful.


  4. ~Brenda says:

    Let’s hear it for books with pages!!!!

    And I agree with keeping your trap shut when it comes to young couples having babies. For all I know, they’re infertile and trying. Why would I make a comment about how they need babies when that may or may not be happening? Duh.

    No. Double Duh.

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