Posted: September 30, 2010 in Blog Carnival
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So. I went to the Pecan St. Festival in Austin last weekend. It was fun! They had booths with all kinds of things I didn’t need, five stages with acts of varying talents, (Phoenix Hart was the most talented), and fair food. YUM. Well, almost yum. You see, I had always been very jealous of people eating those big ol’ turkey legs at fairs; they just looked darn tasty (the turkey legs, not the people).  Dreaming of this wonderful turkey leg all my life, I finally got to try one last weekend. Unfortunately, I hated it. It was gross. And that was eight whole dollars worth of gross. Thankful for a tasty funnel cake to tide me over and for a husband who’ll eat anything. 🙂

Also at the festival, I discovered that a PSA was in order. Dear young women (okay, old ones, too): if you wear a backless shirt, you should have some sort of bra that is also backless. That is all.

Yesterday, I wore a football jersey for the first time in my entire life. At my middle school where I teach, we had a “huge” game against our biggest “rival,” so all the boys on the football team went around giving their jerseys to teachers to wear. (I used “quotes” because really… this is middle school.  Football is awkward, just like everything else.)  Anyway, it was cute and surprising when a student I didn’t even know came up to me and asked if I wanted to wear his jersey. He was rather small, even for an 8th grader, and so his jersey fit me perfectly.  I wonder how the coaches tactfully organized this distribution so that every teacher received a jersey that he/she could wear.

Taylor Swift. All I can imagine is her sneaking around on the phone after hours, talking “real slow” so her mom can’t hear. Funny; I didn’t realize that the speed of one’s speech would affect another’s ability to hear it.

  1. katdish says:

    I went to a Jr. High football game yesterday too! My son played in the band. Very cool. You didn’t like the turkey leg? Was it because it had those tendon thingys running thru it? That is sort of nasty, huh? I tend to stick to the “food on a stick” foods. And of course funnel cakes.

    • It wasn’t the tendons; it was just the general taste. It wasn’t like Thanksgiving turkey, which is what I expected. Bummer.

      My husband got chicken on a stick, and it was alright — better than my turkey for sure! But the funnel cake was bestest of all. 🙂

  2. Helen says:

    I know what you mean about the turkey leg. That happened to me at the Renaissance Fair.

    Backless shirts… Not a fan. I’m not sure they even make backless bras in my size…

  3. DS says:

    I don’t like turkey legs. Period.

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