I was on my way to Zumba, sitting in traffic, when a classic George Strait song came on. Go ahead and listen, and then tell me what his accent makes “memory” sound like.  Hahaha I was cracking up. I’m really not witty enough to come up with too many jokes about it, but I was laughing all the same. 🙂

Anyway, I was sitting in traffic for so freaking long that I was going to be at least 20 minutes late to a 60 minute class. I decided at that point I might as well just go home. I ended up taking this random back road I didn’t know existed, and that was a MISTAKE! There was a huge pothole that I did well to avoid, but it was so distracting that I didn’t quite notice a huge, unpainted, unmarked speed hump until my enormous, old Caddy tumbled over it at about 40 mph. I can’t believe I didn’t blow my tires out, and I also can’t believe what it did do. Right as my car exploded over the giant wall-like obstruction, my rear view mirror came crashing down! It was, however, still attached by a cable, so it stayed hanging and swinging around, making me look that much more ghetto in my old lady boat. An unexpected trip to Auto Zone and a handy new skill later, I have fresh glue on that puppy. So ridiculous.  (By the way, it’s a more complicated process than one would think. It really is a new skill.)

Not okay: all these inappropriate inside jokes on Facebook. Please don’t be offended if you’ve participated, but I just have to stand on my little soapbox for a few minutes.  A while back, women all over Facebook were putting colors and patterns on their statuses without any explanation. Of course, this got people talking and wondering, and it even made national news. The big secret was that women were supposed to post their bra color on their wall in support of breast cancer research or something. I’m sorry, but I have male friends and underage friends and Sunday school student friends and niece and nephew friends and pastor friends who really shouldn’t be privy to my choice in lingerie. It’s just not cool.  Lately, women are posting seemingly suggestive statuses, such as, “I like it up against the wall,” or, “I like it on the dining room table.” It’s intentionally meant to sound suggestive, of course, but they’re really talking about where they put their purses when they come home from work. What’s the point of this one? Support for anti-purse-snatching laws?  No, it’s just meant to be silly and to play a game, but it’s completely not okay. Men (and women too) struggle enough to keep their thoughts pure. Should you really be crowding their news feeds with information about your favorite (purse) locations and details about your underthings? Think before you type… or at least before you click “Share.”

Sorry, that was a little rant-y for PDT. It WAS random, though and I WAS disturbed.  😀




  1. macayla says:

    I’m with you 100% on the bra/purse thing, which is why I didn’t participate last year and won’t this year. I’m shocked at how many of my Christian girlfriends are participating. Are they really that desensitized to purity? Sigh.

  2. Duane Scott says:

    I love your little rant. The first one is slightly funny. The second one is plain foolish of women and I agree, TOO suggestive.

    White with Pickles.

    Did I just participate?

    Of course, with men, it isn’t bras.

  3. Mattie Hopper says:

    Could you please post your fb rant on fb? I’m amazed at how many people obliviously play along with those things. Seriously, people. Think!

  4. Yay! I’m not the only one! This is super-annoying. One of my FB friends posted this as her status:

    “Lainie’s Facebook Friend” is over the “Where do I set my purse?” status updates. If someone were really making suggestive comments to your husbands/sons/fathers/brothers/boyfriends/friends you’d be appalled. This is exactly what you’re doing to the men in your life who aren’t in on the joke. Stop. Be women of character who are not only concerned with guarding your own hearts, but also the hearts and minds of those in your realm of influence.

    I thought that was much more eloquent than my little rant, but I somehow don’t have the guts to post it.

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