Goodbye, Cruel World!

Posted: November 5, 2010 in Writing

Blog world, that is. And yes, I mean it.

Here are the facts, because I don’t feel like dressing it all up. (In fact, the very act of posting right now is violating my resolution to quit, so I have to get this over with quickly!)

  • I love to write.
  • I started a blog about three years ago, and it was decently popular. I was no Jon Acuff, but I was surprised at how many people liked to read my rants, raves, and ridiculosity.
  • Too many people started reading it; rather, I should say that the wrong people started reading it. In particular, my family caught wind, and I suddenly couldn’t write honestly. That was one of the main purposes for my blog, so I was crushed and at a total loss.
  • As a solution, I created this blog, where all 1.5 of you meet me a couple of times per week.  You may or may not have realized that my name is not Lainie Gallagher.
  • I then created a Twitter account and a Facebook account under my pseudonym and set about rebuilding an “online” presence. This is a lot of work, but it has to be done if you actually want readers.
  • I got overwhelmed. It’s too much. It was such a commitment to read so many millions upon millions of blogs per day, on top of writing one, that I just couldn’t do it. As a result, I was always playing catch-up, never being able to actually create that online presence, since I was always behind.
  • Other things in my life were suffering, too. I was putting “blogging” — which sounds so lame to so many, but really means a lot when you’re an aspiring writer — above other things in my life. On top of just being wrong, it just stressed me out to the max.
  • I’ve been writing crap on here, when I actually find the time to write, and I haven’t written anything for my autobiography or my novel in months. I have defeated my original purpose; I wanted a place to write honestly, and I wanted a way to get people to know me as a writer. Um, that’s not happening. This has actually prevented me from accomplishing those goals.

That’s it. That’s my story. I went through Google Reader and reduced my subscriptions by 50%. I’m mostly only going to be reading blogs from people I know personally. I will not (yet?) delete this site, just in case I ever feel like sharing anything with an unknown audience, but don’t expect me! I intend rather to spend my life serving my God, loving my husband, teaching my students, and writing. Really writing. Maybe, at some point, I’ll share some of that real writing here.


  1. @kelybreez says:

    So. As the little boy tells the fill-in priest in “Waking Ned Devine… “Well, you’ll be missed.”

  2. Go for it! I have no desire, as of yet, to write books or novels or magazine articles and such. So blogging is my easy, simplified way to write and requires as little or as much attention I want to give it. You’ll be glad you fully applied yourself to your goals and dreams. So again, go for it!

  3. macayla says:

    I shall miss you, my friend, but I fully support your decision and look forward to hearing about your writing adventures. 🙂

  4. katdish says:

    Okay. Whatever. But you can still write a guest post for me from time to time, right?

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