Posted: March 16, 2011 in Attempts at Fiction, Writing

Which opening sentence is your favorite? I’m entering a contest… I’m sure you can discern what the required words are. 🙂

  1. Even Calamity Jane can be charming when her luck runs out.
  2. One important calamity follows all fairy tale endings, but is rarely told: the princess will discover that Prince Charming was just trying to get lucky.
  3. Her hippie parents named her Charm, apparently prophesying a lucky future, but calamity courted her from the womb.
  4. Excited first by the charm dangling from her navel, then by the stitched declaration of luck hiding behind her zipper, he courted calamity without restraint.
  5. Courting calamity is the good luck charm’s first and most strategically important job.
  6. Unaware of the calamity unfolding, he ate his Lucky Charms.
  7. Prince Charming’s charm only got him so far; when calamity struck, it was luck that secured his prize.
  8. Calamity inevitably befalls all of God’s creatures, but some of His simpler ones take comfort in good luck charms.

I tried for an even ten, but I ran out of ideas. Some of these are already rubbish. No matter… which is your favorite?


  1. SLHenderson says:

    I liked #2! I liked several actually… I think I’m leaning towards 2 from the girly-girlness in me… but I really do like it. I’d read a story that started with that sentence!

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