What I Know about Swings

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Blog Carnival

Part of the One Word at a Time blog carnival hosted by Peter Pollock…

Swing low, sweet chariot. 
We actually sang this in show choir. I think we *may* have had one non-white member (can’t remember which year we sang this), and honestly he was really preppy and, well, dainty. The rest of us were upper-middle-class white kids, tryin’ our best to grow some soul. I’d give anything to hear a recording of just 14-year-old little me being as soulful as 14-year-old little me could be. Hahahahaha.

Swingin’ on the front porch.
This is my dream! Too bad we don’t have much of a porch at the house we just purchased! Don’t get me wrong; I loooooooove my new house. It’s bee-yoo-tee-full, and it’s all ours. (Actually, it’s JP Morgan Chase’s. For the next fifteen years, anyway.) As much as I looooooooooove my bee-yoo-tee-full new house, I have a very short list of things I don’t totally love. Not having a porch that’s big enough for a swing is one of them. Never mind that we can’t afford a swing in the first place.

Sa-wing, batta, batta, sa-wing!
I married into a baseball family. My husband probably held his first bat around one week of age, and he kept playing right through college and grad school. (He was lucky to play in grad school, since he was out of eligibility, but it was just a club team, so it didn’t matter.) His daddy played ball. His granddaddy played ball. I don’t know for sure, but I bet the line goes back as far as the existence of baseball does. One of the first things I purchased after our marriage five years ago was a little sign that reads, We interrupt this marriage for baseball season. I hung it in my kitchen, which is where my mother-in-law had a similar sign with the same sentiment. The first time my dear MIL saw it, she gently said, “You do know that’s true, right?” Oh yes. I also know that we interrupt this marriage for reading and writing, so… it evens out. 🙂

Mood swings.
I really couldn’t speak with any real knowledge on this subject. Sorry.


  1. Peter P says:


    Oh, and about the mood swings thing…..

  2. I love all your different variations on “swing.” I relate. Except the mood swing part; I can speak with some knowledge on that. 🙂

  3. katdish says:

    Ha! You? Mood swings? Never!

  4. okiewife says:

    I totally understand the “this marriage interrupted for baseball season” remark. I just retreat to my office/crafts/reading/art studio room until it’s over. That personal space prevents mood swings…just sayin’

  5. Louise G says:

    Love this! Especially how you linked ‘swing’ in so many creative — and true — ways!

  6. Helen says:

    My husband is a Cubs fan. I’m a White Sox fan. We only watch baseball during Playoffs and World Series. It prevents mood swings on our part.

  7. Lainie, if you do come up with a video or recording of your show choir, I would love to see/hear it. 🙂 I went to a Christian school and mu senior year I was part of a program where we sang and danced to “Joyful, Joyful” as they did in Sister Act 2. I’m not going to lie. It was pretty fun, but also plenty embarrassing to a teenage boy. 🙂

    • There was actually a video of us that a friend had posted, but I think he must have taken it down! I think it was “That Thing You Do,” but I’m not positive. I LOVED show choir. Good times. 🙂

  8. Glynn says:

    That third one – swing batta! — how many times did I hear that at my two sons’ baseball games. Hundreds? Thousands? Enough to keep my brain in a state os suspended swing-a-nation.

  9. Wonderful take on various swings and such a great ending – – – one kind of swing that you know nothing about!
    Me neither! Nada!

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