How My OCD is Manifested in Phone Calls

Posted: July 27, 2011 in Teaching, The Real Me

I have to return a call to a principal who wants to schedule an interview. I’m terrified of calling people I don’t know, because I just know I’ll trip over my words and sound stupid. This is a bad thing made even worse when you’re trying to get the man to hire you.

So. This is what I write in a Word document before I call.

May I please speak with Mr. B———?

Hi Mr. B———-, this is Lainie Gallagher returning your call to set up an interview for a social studies position.

I am definitely still interested, and I can be available either Wednesday or Thursday, whichever works better for you. My phone number is ***-***-****. I look forward to hearing from you soon! Thanks; hope you have a great day.

You might notice the breaks and the lack of continuity. This is allowing for multiple possibilities: speaking to a secretary first, speaking directly to him when I’m transferred, or getting voice mail (which really is the ideal situation). No matter what, I’m covered.

I do this with nearly every professional call I have to make, including calling parents when their kids are bad. This is something I’ve always done. Calling is a very last resort if I can’t take care of a situation via email or through someone else making the call for me. Does this make me weird? I submit that this is further evidence that I’m a writer. 🙂



  1. Joanne says:

    Are you weird?…No!…Are you too hard on yourself; expecting perfection in everything you do? Yes!
    I hope in time, that YOU can be a better friend to YOU!…YOU deserve it!

  2. I hate calling anyone – strangers and nonstrangers. I hate talking on the phone. This might actually help me. Thanks for the tip.

    And yes, this most definitely proves you are a writer.

  3. S L H says:

    I do this too!! I completely understand. I almost always end up mumbling over myself and sounding very dumb if I don’t. I think it’s a great system.

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