The Muse

Posted: July 29, 2011 in Writing

Traditionally, the muses were women, but mine’s a guy; I’m afraid we’ll just have to live with that.
~Stephen King, On Writing

I understand the verb form of “muse.” I can muse.

I cannot understand the concept of “having a muse.”

Can you explain? Do you have a muse? Is it a real person, or imaginary? Are you actually hearing voices, or…



  1. macayla says:

    Yes, I have “a muse”, and I hear a Voice when I write. Often, I hear the Spirit’s direction as I write, but I obviously don’t want to box Him into the role of muse since He’s infinitely more. The reason why I long for Kadesh is because I hear from Abba so clearly while I’m there.

    To explain in a literal way… I began writing a chapter once, and as the words fell out of the pen, I kept saying, “No. This isn’t what I wanted” as I continued to write the scenes. When I finished, I looked at it and asked, “Abba, is this really what You want for this character? This destruction? This pain?” He confirmed that He wants me to take this character into a darkness I’m not comfortable with, because He is the Redeemer, not me.

    It’s a weird, but very satisfying writing life that is most definitely fueled by time in the Word, prayer, and my willingness to submit to His direction even when I don’t like it.

  2. Oh I have a Muse. But your question is hard to answer. It’s kinda like the Holy Spirit. I have a muse. It is me. It is part of me. It helps me. It inspires me. Specifically, my Muse is the Spirit of the Writer who when struck with an idea floods me with creativity and inspiration and adrenaline so that I just want to write all day until my creative energy is tapped out. Then I say the Muse needs a sandwich. I do things to prod the Muse. Give it music I know it likes. Coincidentally, it is music that I also like. But it’s things that get the creativity flowing. That’s the Muse. I talk about her (mine is technically a her – she’s kinda like a siren) all the time. We’re BFFs.

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