Who is Lainie Now?

Teacher.  Student.  Writer.  Reader.

Sister.  Wife.  (But not a Sister-Wife.)

Mommy (to a cat).  Daughter.  Aunt.

Believer (though not in everything).

Environmentalist.   Witness.  Advocate.  Mentor.

Leader.  Follower.  Friend.






(To read about my blog’s purpose, click here.)

  1. mattie hopper says:

    i’m glad you’re not a sister-wife.

    and regarding your being the mommy of a cat, i may have had my weirdest pregnancy dream yet. i gave birth to our 2nd kid. it wasn’t a human. it was a full-grown weenie dog. perhaps i now have a subconscious fear of weenie dogs after a crazy pack of them chased wooton and me while on a walk recently. true story.

  2. You know Mattie, not all Weenie dogs are vicious. I’m quite sophisticated. Obviously, since I have my own gmail and twitter account…

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