Cast of Characters

First One first.

Jesus: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace!  Author, Savior, Sustainer.  My Hope and My Everything.

…and everyone else alphabetically. 🙂

Blake: He’s my half-brother, but I whole love him. I never had anything but half siblings, so I don’t know the difference. My brother is awesome. He’s a collection of dichotomies — impossible to figure out.  Wholly logical, yet entirely illogical. That’s Blake.

Cecelia or “Cee Cee”: My mom.  There is so much I wish she could see.

David: That’s him, my smokin’-hot husband.  He’s pretty much the second best thing that ever happened to me in my life, and I seriously don’t deserve him.  He’s my hero.

Lainie: That’s me!  (Actually Elaina, but I go by Lainie.)  It is my desire to help shine the Light in the darkness.

Mara: My half-sister, although I don’t ever call her that.  She’s just my sister.  She and I have responded to our life very, very differently, but I don’t entirely know why.  She just can’t let go of the hurt, so she’s very angry.

Mattie: That’s my friend!  She’s a relatively new friend, considering my age and how long I’ve known of her existence, but she’s an awesomely good friend even so.  Mattie is always fighting for what’s true and honorable.

Mrs. Gannon: My 2nd grade teacher at a private, Catholic school.  She was very nice and sweet, and had blonde hair.

Mrs. Stivic: My 3rd grade teacher — for a minute — at a private, Lutheran school.  She was short with a round face, and quite the loud-mouth.




Just to keep things honest, I feel like I need to tell you something.  None of these names are real.  (Even Jesus’ — that’s not what His mother called Him!)

  1. Juene says:

    I’ve enjoyed what I have read. I really found those points from Nehemiah something to meditate on.

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