Not Taking It Personally …from my journal

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Handwritten Chronicles, Teaching

August 8, 2011

So, I didn’t get that job at __________ High School. The assistant principal called this morning and said that although he really wanted to hire me, he couldn’t because of my certification. He used the phrase, “they won’t let me.” It’s weird — I feel exactly the way I told everyone I’d feel. I’m disappointed, but not that upset. I want to write, not spend my life figuring out a new teaching job I plan to quit once I have a baby anyway. At the same time, I know I have to get a job one way or another. Not getting this one means I get to keep looking and admitting I’m a loser to every person I meet who asks, “What do you do?” (I’m meeting people frequently these days, since we’ve moved to a new place, so this is happening at least every Sunday.) It’s exhausting, really, and I’m tired of talking about it to everyone. I know it’s a major thing in my life right now, and therefore a natural topic of conversation, but I’m tired of it already. Let’s talk about anything else in the world except my lack of a job. If I get another interview or an actual job offer, I’ll tell you. Otherwise, just assume the worst and save me the humiliation. Please. I love how I started this by saying I wasn’t that upset, and then griped for a page! The truth is, I didn’t totally want that job, for a number of reasons. Not getting it was a slight relief. However, getting it would have remedied a lot of short-term annoyances and embarrassments. Long-term, I would have hated the drive (~40 minutes without traffic), hated not having my own classroom (it was a floater position), and really gone crazy with learning a new curriculum and trying to stay sane outside of school. I may well have loved it, though, because I do love teaching. Oh well! I asked God for a good interview, and He abundantly blessed me with one. Since I’ve been waiting, I’ve been praying for His will and His help in embracing whatever His will is. God is faithful and full of grace.



  1. Helen says:

    I haven’t taught for a few years because I was taking care of my ailing mom. I know it’s frustrating. Friday, by chance, I saw an ad for a teaching job that is PERFECT for me. I REALLY want it, so much in fact, that I risked rejection and emailed my resume yesterday!
    I hope I get it, and I hope you get what you dream of as well.

    • I didn’t know you were a teacher! What age?

      I wish you success in your search! 🙂

      • Helen says:

        I taught second grade, third grade, and fifth grade. The position I applied for is fourth grade, part time. It’s perfect for me to start out part time because after being away for six years, it will be overwhelming to go back full time right away. I’m really hoping!
        Thank you for your good wishes! Know that I wish you success as well!

  2. macayla says:

    Never once have I thought that a teacher out of a job is a loser, and I tend to be rather unmerciful with my snap judgments when I first meet people. So, please don’t be so hard on yourself about that. It’s not your fault that the teaching field is beyond wonky right now.

    On the other hand, you get to keep writing for awhile longer!!! Yay!!! I’m so jealous. 🙂

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